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You’re an independent installer, interior designer or general contractor with clients who desire custom tile work in their newest remodel. Problem is: you don’t have the buying relationships with the leading manufacturers and distributors of fine tile.

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Garretson Commercial has worked with these manufacturers and distributors since 1962 and our showroom is available to you and your clients to discuss materials, product lines and installation timelines.


Through our distributor partnerships Garretson Commercial will supply you with tile and stone at near wholesale rates on the best custom tile, unique imports and exceptional product lines.

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By accessing our online dashboard, you can reserve our showroom for client consultations and register your clients. Your leads, clients and projects will be 100% secure.


Access to exceptional, higher dollar materials at near wholesale rates means increased profits per job. Experience higher profits through a combination of wholesale pricing and exposing your customer to upgrades, product lines and design otherwise unavailable.

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